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  • Add volume and enjoy full, rich and youthful lips in a matter of minutes
  • The volumizing effect is accumulative, and will build over time. Yet instant and visible within minutes of application
  • Restore long-term moisture balance in your lips. The more you moisten your lips, the more volume you get.
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Hyaluronic filling spheres penetrate lips, bind intense hydration, and increases volume by about 50 times after 10 min. of incubation. Re-build. Re-hydrate. Re-define.


The Patented Filling Spheres in N°LIP5 have an outstanding absorbency of water. The spheres swell over 50 times its size – like a sponge, resulting in intense hydration, and long-term voluptuous and gorgeous lips. After application lips swell continually for hours. The effect is accumulative, and improves until maximum hydration is achieved.

The mode of action of this exclusive technology is based on the use of a hygroscopic material to make a LMW sphere. The penetration of the skin is made possible as spheres are dehydrated, and swell up with water within the Lips. The transformational effect is rapid, within the first 15 minutes volume has increased significantly.

Benzyl nicotinate naturally enhances the blood circulation in the lips, and also plump the lips. After application N°LIP5 cause an increased natural rosy color of the lips and increases volume due to the dilation of blood vessels. N°LIP5 does not contain any pigments, colorings or perfume.

The top rated Palmitoyl Oligopeptide enhances cell communication, stimulate collagen production and encourage the production of Hyaluronic acid. This increases volume of the lip tissue and creates the visable plumping effect. Jojoba Oil and Squalene softens and moisturizes the lips.